Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, enters the green deal with The Merge

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Ethereum represents an important cryptocurrency for the crypto ecosystem, and The Merge represents a great opportunity to combine the excellent economic opportunities provided by this crypto with the green deal. It is estimated that 99.95 percent of electricity will be saved after this momentous breakthrough.

Credit: Google

Ethereum, like all cryptocurrencies, relies not only on complicated mathematical calculations but also the currently used proof-of-work validation process with the more convenient proof-of-stake. This means that block validation will be the responsibility of those who own a large amount of virtual coins.

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The system works simply because validators have a dual interest:
those who own a lot of ethereum have convenience in having more of it validated;
in return for validation, users will receive a reward.

Credits: The Cryptonomist

This cryptocurrency, among the big ones, was the first to take the “green path,” but it did so by empowering large virtual currency holders by really creating a community of this currency.

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Ethereum has decided to opt for a path that leads to savings in energy consumption something that becomes necessary at a time when the price tends to rise exponentially.

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