Dressed by YAR’s sound.

ENG/ Last tuesday i gifted an incredible sound experience to my partner. We went in a special room of I3P, the most important Italian Startup incubator hosted by Turin’s Polytechnic. After a Sky crew interview, Adriano Marconetto invites us to seat in front of the particolars speaker composed of wood, metal and many parts ofContinue reading “Dressed by YAR’s sound.”

Smartphone, tag and new media. MSGM is In or out?

ENG/ Sometime it’s very hard to think with a logical interpretation, who want goes against to tide. Acutally we don’t know the real numbers about this first part of New York Fashion Week but in the 2015 edition over 31 Mil of photos were shared with the hashtag #NYFW. This number permitted to know theContinue reading “Smartphone, tag and new media. MSGM is In or out?”

SHAREWEAR. Don’t buy…Share!

ENG/ Paolo Stella e Filippa Lagerbäck are the Italian Ambassador of this new bet of Sweden. The new concept of fashion sustainable is calling ShareWear and consist in do not buy the new clothes and accessories, but to take in rental for one week the pieces and after share these with oder people. 1 million tonsContinue reading “SHAREWEAR. Don’t buy…Share!”

MPA2016. Combyne. The finalist AppCircus event.

ITA/ Come ogni anno si scaldano i motori di Barcellona, dopo il Consumer Electronic Show (CES) di Las Vegas. A meno di un mese dall’edizione annuale del Mobile World Congress (MWC), iniziano a filtrare le prime indiscrezioni sulle novità che sono state tenute nel cassetto fino ad ora, e che faranno la loro “prima” comparsaContinue reading “MPA2016. Combyne. The finalist AppCircus event.”