Millenials loves #NoBrand.

ENG/ It’s time to change the fashion rules and will be not the fashion group or art directors the writers of these. After 50/60 years customers rewrite the new paradigm because today millenials dosen’t approve brand exibition.  It’s not a status symbol, it’s not a trend that solve the identity problem of this new consumerContinue reading “Millenials loves #NoBrand.”

cLass. The Italian solar bag

ENG/ Smart people used everyday smart device for work or free time to stay connect with collegues and friends. Often, the batteries of smartphone, tablet, ebook or other electronic gadgets are insuficient to stay on all day, because a massive use reduced the device’s life. A new Italian fashion startup cLass developed a new solarContinue reading “cLass. The Italian solar bag”

The 50th Anniversary of CES.

ENG/ Welcome in the new era. 2017 is not only the 50th Anniversary of Consumer Electronic Show made in Las Vegas. Every year is the first appointment with the new technologies that trace a new trends. CES is not only a meeting of innvoation and innovators, but is the site where ideas, vision, and differentContinue reading “The 50th Anniversary of CES.”