Oil V/S Solar Energy. The new challenge

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Is It better the economically or “naturally” survive?

We are coming from one of the worst historical periods, from any economic or non-economic point of view, that has ever occurred up to now; the consequences of first the pandemic and then the war have completely altered the economic and non-economic values of our Planet. The effects on the economy were unquantifiable, just think of the increase in inflation that far exceeded the target-target set around 2 percentage points before COVID.

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This has led to an ‘economy yes hurt and colluded by these events, but in constant movement; movement that is always growing to avoid being crushed.
What does this mean? Businesses are producing more and more in order to secure revenues to cover their costs, and all of this inexorably spills over into the health of the Planet. For years, since the Industrial Revolution, the effects of the economy and the revolution itself on the environment have been visible; disastrous consequences for our Planet are expected to continue at this rate.

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The picture described would seem to have no way out, whether economic or environmental, collapse would seem to be the only sad ending; there may be a solution, which is to make sustainability the centerpiece of the economy. “Ride” the wave of environmental awareness by making it the main focus of the economy.

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