POWA. A story of failure.

(photo: TechCrunch) ENG/ For nature, I’m a sceptic man (not a critic) but when i read some stories, i believe are only a bluff. When in the 2013 i read in TechCruch about Powa Technologies, some aspect i was not enthusiastic. The QRcode for me was not a great and disruption technology, because it wasContinue reading “POWA. A story of failure.”

Ferragni. Amazon, Pantene e negozi.

(TBS Crew) ENG/From blogger to entrepreneur. Rear The Blonde Salad blog there’s a great man, Riccardo Pozzoli, CEO and Co Founder of TBS Crew srl. The project is started with Chiara Ferragni and Riccardo together (also in the real life, in couple). Now the business is evolve to from the blog to new branch ofContinue reading “Ferragni. Amazon, Pantene e negozi.”