\Contemporary Art, NFT and Startup..Where? In Turin.

As every year Turin become the Capital of Art in occasion of annual showcase of contemporary art At the turn of October and November, the art world moves to the city of Cavour and the Savoy for a week, where the arts (especially contemporary arts) take center stage.From artistic works to electronic music, Turin becomesContinue reading “\Contemporary Art, NFT and Startup..Where? In Turin.”

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, enters the green deal with The Merge

Ethereum represents an important cryptocurrency for the crypto ecosystem, and The Merge represents a great opportunity to combine the excellent economic opportunities provided by this crypto with the green deal. It is estimated that 99.95 percent of electricity will be saved after this momentous breakthrough. Ethereum, like all cryptocurrencies, relies not only on complicated mathematicalContinue reading “Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, enters the green deal with The Merge”

Oil V/S Solar Energy. The new challenge

Is It better the economically or “naturally” survive? We are coming from one of the worst historical periods, from any economic or non-economic point of view, that has ever occurred up to now; the consequences of first the pandemic and then the war have completely altered the economic and non-economic values of our Planet. TheContinue reading “Oil V/S Solar Energy. The new challenge”

Planet:Tech Conference @Web Summit 2022.

Our planet is facing an incredible set of challenges. At planet:tech, leading innovators, startups, companies, and activists come together to discuss the solutions to our environmental crisis. The Planet:Tech conference powered by Web Summit returns, Nov. 1-4, 2022 in Lisbon. Technology will be back in the news with a particular look at environmental preservation andContinue reading “Planet:Tech Conference @Web Summit 2022.”

Solutions for aesthetic photovoltaic panels

Whether the choice of a design panel is motivated by personal taste or by specific laws designed to protect architectural and landscape assets, companies today offer not only economically and environmentally advantageous solutions, but also visually appealing.The integrated photovoltaic system The integrated photovoltaic system, as opposed to the old unsightly models, is pleasing to theContinue reading “Solutions for aesthetic photovoltaic panels”

Bitcoin and solar energy: the benefits for the environment

Bitcoin and renewable sources: these are two of the “hot topics” inflaming public opinion. In this context, it was thought to combine the two in order to turn the current situation around. Although Bitcoins have several advantages, quite a few people have doubts. This is because the process of “mining” (creating) bitcoins, called precisely “mining,”Continue reading “Bitcoin and solar energy: the benefits for the environment”

The metaverse: toward a more sustainable world.

The environmental premises of the Metaverse are diverse, all centered on the impact it can have on human life and terrestrial ecosystems. This virtual world of infinite possibilities will actually be able to accommodate a range of events that currently affect global warming, emissions, and the conservation of flora and fauna. We will become moreContinue reading “The metaverse: toward a more sustainable world.”

Green economy: the best Italian startups

In accordance with the principles of the green economy and the United Nations 2030 agenda, there are several Italian startups that play a prominent role in shaping a new sustainable development. Let’s look at some of them: Next: the modular vehicle that performs multiple functions! Cab, van, hub or car share. Orange Fiber: patented andContinue reading “Green economy: the best Italian startups”

New forms of clean energy. When aesthetic design becomes pure energy.

Can clean energy and aesthetics coexist? When Elon Musk became co-founder of Tesla in 2003, he wasn’t the only one who wanted to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. Numerous manufacturers understood, just as he did, that the market for clean cars was a blue ocean, as they say in the jargon, an area whereContinue reading “New forms of clean energy. When aesthetic design becomes pure energy.”