Solutions for aesthetic photovoltaic panels

Whether the choice of a design panel is motivated by personal taste or by specific laws designed to protect architectural and landscape assets, companies today offer not only economically and environmentally advantageous solutions, but also visually appealing.
The integrated photovoltaic system

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The integrated photovoltaic system, as opposed to the old unsightly models, is pleasing to the eye because the panels do not emerge from the roof, but are integrated with it. Providing different levels of integration to the roof, it is the perfect solution for period or more classically styled buildings. Photovoltaic panels that become art.

Credits: Invent
Some Italian companies have come up with photovoltaic panels that enchant the eye. The full black panel (i.e., with a completely black surface), turns into a screen that lends itself to various decorations. Among the many examples, modern artworks and Leonardo's Vitruvian Man have been recreated on their surface.
Credits: Trienergia

Among other solutions offered on the market, we find the combination of triangular and rectangular dimodules for creating a sought-after effect on the roof.
For those who do not like roof panels, there are glass products suitable to be used and applied slle vertical surfaces of your home, on windows and / or facades, totally decorative taste.

Credits. Coesa

Also a real novelty are the innovative aesthetic solar films made in Turin, proposed by an innovative startup. The idea comes from cars and car wrapping (a similar process also used in interior design to cover objects and surfaces), with special films. Customized covers (like those of smartphones) can be created to make the panels invisible and at the same time, protect them from external agents.

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