Oil V/S Solar Energy. The new challenge

Is It better the economically or “naturally” survive? We are coming from one of the worst historical periods, from any economic or non-economic point of view, that has ever occurred up to now; the consequences of first the pandemic and then the war have completely altered the economic and non-economic values of our Planet. TheContinue reading “Oil V/S Solar Energy. The new challenge”

Bitcoin and solar energy: the benefits for the environment

Bitcoin and renewable sources: these are two of the “hot topics” inflaming public opinion. In this context, it was thought to combine the two in order to turn the current situation around. Although Bitcoins have several advantages, quite a few people have doubts. This is because the process of “mining” (creating) bitcoins, called precisely “mining,”Continue reading “Bitcoin and solar energy: the benefits for the environment”

Always connected..off grid.

ITA/ Il mondo, non è mai stato tanto connesso quanto ora. Grazie ad Internet e alle tecnologie che si evolvono, persone e cose stanno diventando oramai una cosa unica, seppur in forma ibirida. Tanto dirompente sarà la tecnologia 5G, quanto le nuove forme di connessione delle reti energetiche, che sarano in grado di sostenere maggiormente,Continue reading “Always connected..off grid.”