cLass. The Italian solar bag

ENG/ Smart people used everyday smart device for work or free time to stay connect with collegues and friends. Often, the batteries of smartphone, tablet, ebook or other electronic gadgets are insuficient to stay on all day, because a massive use reduced the device’s life. A new Italian fashion startup cLass developed a new solarContinue reading “cLass. The Italian solar bag”

ILOOXS Solar Tech. The new era of Photovoltaic.

(Costume National solar bag) ENG/ It’s time for the solar technology in fashion world? Maybe yes. The photovoltaic cells were used on fashion accessories, clothing and other with a particular integration with these. Solar bag for example was the first approach. We remember when Ennio Capasa, ex founder and Art Director of Costume National, wasContinue reading “ILOOXS Solar Tech. The new era of Photovoltaic.”