The metaverse: toward a more sustainable world.

The environmental premises of the Metaverse are diverse, all centered on the impact it can have on human life and terrestrial ecosystems. This virtual world of infinite possibilities will actually be able to accommodate a range of events that currently affect global warming, emissions, and the conservation of flora and fauna. We will become moreContinue reading “The metaverse: toward a more sustainable world.”

3 months of Life in Technicolor

(Courtesy: Sonar) ENG/Life in Technicolor, the Coldplay sang in Viva al Vida in 2008. Actually 10 years later, this title is still very topical and I will use it as the title of this first article of 2018, In the last 3 months, after the adrenaline of the events of November between electronic music andContinue reading “3 months of Life in Technicolor”