Big Data..beyond the real life limits

ENG/ No one sees them, no one perceives them. None. People lives surrounded by invisible elements, at least apparently, but nobody believes them. Immersed in a normality that lasts 24 hours, people produce without their knowledge, billions of information, data, numbers and live believing that a ticket, a bip with the card or the contactlessContinue reading “Big Data..beyond the real life limits”

Technology Creativity AI Music

(Courtesy: Sonar) ENG/ 2018 is a year of great technological progress on many fronts. Design is an essential part of this improvement process and ranges from the music sector to furniture, from cars to integration into advanced cities. At the center, the protagonist is always the human who finds itself interacting 360 degrees with millionsContinue reading “Technology Creativity AI Music”

Start selling Spectacles in US for $129,99

ENG/ Finally Spectacles are arrived in the market, but only for US customer. For $ 129,99 (130 is a psycological limits) Snapchat in pre IPO phases launched a pre-sale of its smart glasses to start the new era of its famous “stories“. Spiegel says:  “As Evan shared in his interview with the WSJ, when we launched, theContinue reading “Start selling Spectacles in US for $129,99”

Millenials loves #NoBrand.

ENG/ It’s time to change the fashion rules and will be not the fashion group or art directors the writers of these. After 50/60 years customers rewrite the new paradigm because today millenials dosen’t approve brand exibition.  It’s not a status symbol, it’s not a trend that solve the identity problem of this new consumerContinue reading “Millenials loves #NoBrand.”

Turin. The Europe’s Capital

ENG/ Finally as every year in this time, Turin City (the Winter Olympic host City in 2006) will be the Europe’s Capital. People will come from European country to discovered the best Contemporary Art events and party, Electronic Music show and festival, eating and drinking everywhere with a top level restaurants and bars. The actorsContinue reading “Turin. The Europe’s Capital”

Web Summit…The day of fashion.

ENG/ November is coming and as every year also the bigger startup event in Europe is ready to go. This year Blaggando goes to Lisbon. The Portugal Capital from 7 to 10 november was selected as new home for the Web Summit. After six years, Web Summit has grown from 400 attendees to over 50,000Continue reading “Web Summit…The day of fashion.”

UNO. The first GlassUp model

ENG/ It’s time to change the schemes and also this time the first mover is Italian. After 4 years of reserch and development, fundrasing and testing, the next 4/5 october in Santa Clara, CA during the Wearable Technoogy Show 2016, GlassUp the Italian tech startup will launch its first product “UNO”. Minimal and elegance ItalianContinue reading “UNO. The first GlassUp model”

THE TOUCH. The lover’s ring.

ENG/ Often in Blaggando, we told of the tech story linked to the fashion. Sometimes we spoke of jewellery tech product and for the 3rd time we tell you of the ring. After the Ringclock, a ring timepiece, Ringly, the the smart ring, today we present the Touch. This technological and characteristic jewel made byContinue reading “THE TOUCH. The lover’s ring.”

The clothing had been returned by 63% of them.

ENG/ The new era of ecommerce developed a new concept of shopping. If you want to try more clothing’s items in totally free time at your house, you can buy all you want and recived directly without problems. This method created a great problem for the company that manage more returned. Yes, because the researchContinue reading “The clothing had been returned by 63% of them.”

Thin Ice 2.0. Ready to beach underwear test.

ENG/ Are you ready to beach underwear test? If no, Canadian startup has invented the great solution to support you in challenge. The wearable technology linked to the fantasy and Scientific research, sometime develop a interesting solutions to combact the one of  most important problem for many people. The Obesity. Yes, the Thin Ice vestContinue reading “Thin Ice 2.0. Ready to beach underwear test.”