Bitcoin and solar energy: the benefits for the environment

Bitcoin and renewable sources: these are two of the “hot topics” inflaming public opinion. In this context, it was thought to combine the two in order to turn the current situation around.

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Although Bitcoins have several advantages, quite a few people have doubts. This is because the process of “mining” (creating) bitcoins, called precisely “mining,” requiring the intensive use of computers, is highly polluting.
However, starting this year, a breakthrough is beginning that will make bitcoins totally sustainable. In addition, digital currency offers us a way to end the traditional power distribution system based on the center-periphery model.
SolarCoin, the cryptocurrency that innovates photovoltaics

The ongoing debate

SolarCoin is the green digital currency offered by the SolarCoin Foundation that enables multiple exchanges. Each producer on the territory can, in fact, feed the energy it produces through wind and photovoltaic plants into a smart digital grid. In return he will receive, in addition to various benefits, 1 SolarCoin for each MWh of energy produced. Membership in the Foundation allows one to receive SolarCoins, which can then be exchanged for currency or Bitcoin. SolarCoin is a global, independent entity that incentivizes the entry of new producers and products into the ecosystem.

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