The metaverse: toward a more sustainable world.

The environmental premises of the Metaverse are diverse, all centered on the impact it can have on human life and terrestrial ecosystems.

Credits: Google

This virtual world of infinite possibilities will actually be able to accommodate a range of events that currently affect global warming, emissions, and the conservation of flora and fauna. We will become more connected without leaving home. Inevitably, this will have a positive impact on reducing environmental costs in the public and private transportation sectors.

Credits: Google

People will be able to attend concerts, lectures, go to the movies without leaving home.

Credit: Google

It should not be forgotten that the metaverse is accessible through augmented and tellimixed reality viewers and systems. These will be able to provide an unprecedented level of immersion through communication with artificial intelligence based on biometric parameters. On the one hand, this ensures that the virtual world adapts to our bodies almost imperceptibly. Our eye movements are read and interpreted to understand our emotions, personality and as we use these devices.

Credit: Google

Virtual worlds can even change our personality, influence our tastes and create biases that are difficult to remove.

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