Green economy: the best Italian startups

In accordance with the principles of the green economy and the United Nations 2030 agenda, there are several Italian startups that play a prominent role in shaping a new sustainable development.

Let’s look at some of them:

Credits: Next

Next: the modular vehicle that performs multiple functions! Cab, van, hub or car share.

Credits: Orange Fiber

Orange Fiber: patented and produces sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products; the first fashion collection made with Orange Fiber was launched in 2017.

Credits: Domethics

Domethics: Adriano turns your phone into a smart home gateway. Your old Phone becomes a powerful and affordable smart home gateway able to manage any smart devices. Awarded by Innovative solution by CES 2022.

CarboREM: builds and designs plants to treat organic waste and sewage debris. The startup’s ultimate goal is to improve energy efficiency, lower the volume of debris and increase biogas production.

Credits: Daze Technology

Daze Technology: the first company in the world to develop DazePlug, an automatic conductive charging system.

Credits: Energy Dome

Energy Dome: in order to maximize the use of renewable energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, the company uses CO2 to create energy storage reserves.

Credits: Sunspeker

Sunspeker: born in 2022, its patented wrapping technologies allow to cover any solar panels to protect and reduce visual impact and in the same time maintain high solar efficiency.

Credits: Test1

Test1: studies polyurethanes to minimize hydrocarbon spills.

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