User Experience, an hope for trade and live event in the post Covid-19 era

With vaccines, anything can be done, thanks in part to technology that helps create safer, more usable spaces.

Often technology becomes more human, to get closer to what are the needs of users, and in recent years of Covid-19 pandemic there have been many cases to confirm what we said. A historical period that has marked all, for various reasons, we are now dedicated to explore what have been the difficulties of many companies and how technology has come to the rescue for a more rapid return to normal.

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Corporate events, business on standby

Covid-19 disrupted companies, forced them to reinvent themselves and make a huge sacrifice, namely to have contact with customers and suppliers. For many firms, the losses have been substantial and some sectors have even been forced to stop. Corporate events have been completely eliminated or only realized as online meetings. Of course, human contact and interaction have always been lacking, and even before the restrictions were loosened, everyone was looking for ways to repropose corporate events in presence.

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User experience, from virtual to real-world design

In order to better organize corporate events in this period where, thanks to vaccinations and superior attentions, it seems that the pandemic is starting to leave more space and respite, we bet on a trump card that has been used for years by technology companies, namely the User Experience. In practice the organization such to make live a satisfactory experience and facilitated instead of seen towards a product is used for the design of real environments. This place, where business events will take place, must have some basic characteristics well defined

  • be controlled from the point of view of health safety, to ensure that all guests have a peaceful stay,
  • include all the necessary strategies to give safety to the people who attend the environment also with regard to the laws in force.

WebSummit come back to real this November

We can therefore define it as a new method of managing spaces and investing in the evolution of companies and their events, in order to restart after what has been a global economic blow, namely the pandemic from Covid – 19.

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